Now supports public stash tabs in addition to manual listings.

If you have public stash tabs you can use them to list currency for sale and make it appear on the website.

Here's how it works. You put orbs into your public stash tabs, right click them and set buyouts. It doesn't matter whether you use "Price" or "Exact Price".

When you price a stack of currency, will assume it is a price of 1 orb, not the whole stack.

The format uses is "~b/o XX/YY currency" or "~b/o XX currency". The second is simple, example: You can sell an exalted orb for 60 chaos by right clicking and setting "Price" to "60 chaos".

The fractional XX/YY format is useful for when you need to do the reverse, e.g. sell chaos orbs for exalted. Then you set "~b/o 1/60 exalted" on your chaos orb. Think of it as selling a chaos orb for a 1/60'th of exalted.

You can also use the XX/YY format to indicate bulk sales, for example, setting "~b/o 10/605 exalted" on a chaos orb would mean you are buying batches of 10 exalted orbs for 605 chaos.

At the moment of writing it is not possible to use the XX/YY format with either "Price" or "Exact price". You have to select "Note" and type "~b/o XX/YY currency" manually.

Please note that all prices are rounded to 0.5. So for example you cannot click on a fuse and set "~b/o 0.6 chaos", but you can do "~b/o 2/3 chaos".

Also will now display the "Stock" field: the amount of orbs a seller has for sale. That's the number of orbs the seller has across all their public stash tabs. It is only displayed when it is greater than 1.

Make sure not to sell the stack you have priced, because then it will disappear from You can split the stack, price a single orb, and sell the rest. Once you sell your last orb (the one you've priced), your offer will disappear from the website.

Note how you need one orb per one offer. For example, if you're selling ex for 60 chaos or 100 fuse, split the stack, price one ex at "~b/o 60 chaos" and another at "~b/o 100 fuse".

If you have multiple public stash tabs, you can also have your "priced" orbs in a separate public stash tabs and the "stock" orbs in another so that you don't accidentally sell your "priced" orbs.

If you don't understand what's going on here, you can continue using as before.

For buyers there are no significant changes.