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Add buyout tags to your forum-based shop.

There are 2 types of tags:

Currency format

Currency should be written as pair of positive number (decimal fractions are allowed) and currency name.

1.33 alch and 0.1 exa are valid currency records while -1 exa and 1 alch 1 exa aren't.

Here's the full list of supported currencies (plural forms are allowed as well):


An example of a topic
This is a very expensive item with buyout specified:
~b/o 500 exa

[spoiler="the extra content ~b/o 1 alch may be anywhere!"]
        Everything here is 1 alch!
        .. but this item is slightly more expensive
        ~b/o 1.1 alch

        [spoiler="~b/o 1.9 alch"]
                Nested spoilers are allowed as well. They will work just as you expect them to.

        (^ this item is also 1 alch)